Passing of a Life Member

Sunday, November 13, 2016   We are saddened by the passing of Life Member William Lampert this morning. Not only was he a life member of the Media Fire Company, but also a man that was well known in the community and owner of Lampert's Garage on Baltimore Ave. Arrangements are not available at this time. Please keep Bill's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.



Rescue 23's Refurb

Tuesday, October 25, 2016   Rescue 23 was sent down to Wilmington, North Carolina to get a new chassis put on and remodeling of compartments. Rescue 23 is almost complete and should be back mid November. 



Beer night at Iron Hill

Monday, October 10, 2016   Tomorrow night, Iron Hill will be releasing another batch of hook and lager. For each pint sold, Iron Hill donate 20% of it to the burn foudation. Coupons are on the website and our facebook page



2 Working Fires in Media

Monday, August 15, 2016   Around 3:40 pm, companies 23, 73 (Rose Tree), Tower 44 (Springfield) and RIT 41 were dispatched to 447 West Jefferson Street for a building fire. 104-7D arrived to find smoke showing on the B side of the building. Quint 73 went in service as first due truck and Squrt 23 went in service as first due engine laying a supply line and stretching a 200' 2" attack line. Once inside, crews found a mattress on fire in the rear bedroom. Crews knock the fire with an extinguisher. The assignment was scaled back to 23 and 73 for ventilation.

About an hour later, companies were dispatched to the same address for a building fire. 23-9 arrived on location with smoke showing from side B of the building again. Quint 73 arrived first and laid a 5" supply and stretched an attack line into the building. Squrt 23 took the hydrant and sent the crew to the front of building to be a truck crew. Quint 73 found a fire in the left rear bedroom and extinguished the fire. Squrt 23 did a primary search of the first and second floor and assisted with overhaul and checking for extension on the first floor. This fire is currently under investigation. The pictures are from the first fire. There will be no pictures from the 2nd fire due to the investigation.



RIT Assist to Eddystone

Friday, August 12, 2016   Around 4:20 pm on August 11th, Company 23 was dispatched to assist Company 12 (Eddystone) on a building fire. Snorkel 23 responded with 4 and were recalled just prior to arrival by 12 command. While on the way back to the station, Fireboard advised Snorkel 23 that there was an accident in the area and to proceed in. Snorkel 23 arrived to find a minor 2 vehicle accident with minor injuries. Squad 70 (Leedom) arrived and laid oil dry on the highway. Snorkel 23 was on location for 15 minutes before returning available.



Car Fire at the Courthouse

Tuesday, July 19, 2016   Around 8:10, Company 23 was dispatched to the Delaware County Courthouse parking garage for a vehicle fire. Fireboard upgraded the assignment to a building fire when police went on location with a vehicle well involved. Squrt 23 arrived on location with smoke showing. Crews stretched a 3" leader line to the 2nd level where the vehicle was located. Crews attached a 2" handline to knock the fire down. Fire was contained to a single vehicle due to the sprinkler activation in the garage. Crews were in service for ventilation and checking the building for any smoke and CO. Companies assisting were 73 (Rose Tree), 51 (South Media), 44 (Springfield), 41 (Newtown Square 1st RIT), 17 (Aston 2nd RIT) and 12 (Eddystone) for the hovercraft.



Car Fire on State Street

Saturday, June 25, 2016   Around 2:30, Company 23 was dispatched to 23 West State Street for a vehicle fire. 23-2 arrived on location with a vehicle engine compartment involved. Crews from 23-2 extinguished the fire quickly before spreading to other areas in the car. Squrt 23 also made the response. Crews were on scene for 45 minutes before returning available. 

Pictures from



Chimney Fire in Chadds Ford

Monday, June 20, 2016  Around 7:30 yesterday, Company 23 was dispatched to assist Company 59 (Concordville) for a building fire. Snorkel 23 arrived and set up to place the ladder in service. Crews from Media and Longwood Fire Company (CC25) assisted with checking the chimney to make sure nothing else was burning. Company was on scene for 45 minutes before returning available.



RIT Assist to Springfield

Friday, June 10, 2016   Early this morning, Company 23 was dispatched as a 2nd RIT team to assist Company 44 (Springfield) on a fatal house fire. Snorkel 23 arrived on location and assumed 1st due RIT, while RIT 43 (Holmes) was put in service. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the victim. 

Snorkel 23 made the response.



Newtown Square 100th Anniversary Parade

Sunday, June 5, 2016   Over the weekend, Media Fire Company attended Newtown Squares 100th anniversary parade. 23-2 won 2nd place best appearing engine from 1995-2006. Our members worked hard to get the trucks ready and made Media proud.



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