Chimney Fire in Chadds Ford

Monday, June 20, 2016  Around 7:30 yesterday, Company 23 was dispatched to assist Company 59 (Concordville) for a building fire. Snorkel 23 arrived and set up to place the ladder in service. Crews from Media and Longwood Fire Company (CC25) assisted with checking the chimney to make sure nothing else was burning. Company was on scene for 45 minutes before returning available.



RIT Assist to Springfield

Friday, June 10, 2016   Early this morning, Company 23 was dispatched as a 2nd RIT team to assist Company 44 (Springfield) on a fatal house fire. Snorkel 23 arrived on location and assumed 1st due RIT, while RIT 43 (Holmes) was put in service. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the victim. 

Snorkel 23 made the response.



Newtown Square 100th Anniversary Parade

Sunday, June 5, 2016   Over the weekend, Media Fire Company attended Newtown Squares 100th anniversary parade. 23-2 won 2nd place best appearing engine from 1995-2006. Our members worked hard to get the trucks ready and made Media proud.



Working Fire in Rose Tree

Monday, May 16, 2016   Friday around 5:30, Company 23 was dispatched to assist Company 73 (Rose Tree) on a basement fire. Prior to arriving on location Squrt 23 laid in to the scene and was ordered by 73 command to stretch a handline to the basement. Squrt 23's Crew knocked the fire down in the basement with little extension. 23-2 arrived on scene and assisted with cleaning up the scene. Great jobs to all crews on scene. Picture by Charlie Jordan. 

Squrt 23, 23-2, Medic 23-7 and 23-8 made the response.



Dumpster Fire

Sunday, May 1, 2016   Company 23 was dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy for a dumpster fire. 23-9 arrived on location with a small dumpster fire with no exposure problem. Squrt 23 and 23-2's crew extinguished the fire and was quickly under control.



RIT Assist to Concordville

Tuesday, April 26, 2016   RIT 23 was dispatched to assist Company 59 for a reported building fire. Prior to responding, Fireboard advised 59 command that police were on location with a working fire. Snorkel 23 responded and assisted with fire suppression in the early stages and RIT duties. Company was on location for over 6 hours.

Snorkel 23 and 23-8 made the response.

Photo credit to Nozzle Nut Photography



RIT Assist

Friday, March 4, 2016   RIT 23 was dispatched to assist Company 71 (Chester Heights) on a working house fire. Snorkel 23 responded with 5 and stood by as the primary RIT team. No RIT services were needed during the incident. Company was on location for 2 hours before returning available.

Pictures by Dave Smiley 



Part Time Employment

Friday, February 19, 2016   Media Fire Company is hiring part-time FF/EMT. Email your resume to Attachment is listed below. 



Impending winter storm

Friday, January 22, 2016  A blizzard warning has been posted for our area beginning tonight at 7pm and lasting until Sunday morning at 10am. This could be a large and hazardous storm bringing large snow fall accumulations and high winds. Media Borough Mayor Bob McMahon has declared a snow emergency starting at midnight tonight and lasting until 8am Sunday morning. SEPTA has announced plans to discontinue service in our area after 4am Saturday morning. Delaware County will have extra staff at the 911 center beginning at 6pm tonight, along with representatives from Penn Dot, PECO, Pa. State Police, and Comcast. The fire department plans on having a fire crew in the station starting tomorrow morning along with our EMS staff. We would like to offer the following safety tips. 1) Please take your time shoveling. This could be a wet heavy snow which will make it difficult to shovel and plow. If you have a medical condition that could become worse if you shovel please have someone else shovel for you. Remember to take frequent breaks. 2) If your snow blower becomes clogged remember to shut the motor off and disengage the auger before you try to clear the clog. You should not stick your hand in the auger even with the blower turned off. 3) Please do not go out. This will allow the plow crews to do their jobs and also allow the emergency responders to make their responses in a timely manner. 4) If you lose power and use a portable generator to restore power to your home please keep the portable generator away from your home so Carbon Monoxide does not get into your house. Also remember to keep the exhaust clear so it does not become clogged. 5) Stay tuned to the TV or radio for weather updates. 6) If there is a fire hydrant on your block. Could you please locate it and remove the snow from around it. This will save us valuable time in a fire emergency. Remember to check the Borough's website for further information along with NOAA's website for additional forecast information. Be safe.



Working Fire in Aston

Wednesday, January 6, 2016  Around 1:30 pm, Company 23 was dispatched to assist Company 17 (Aston) for a working garage fire. Snorkel 23 responded with four and stood by as the secondary RIT team. Company 23 was released shortly after arriving on location. No RIT services were needed.

Snorkel 23 made the response.

At 1:03 am, Company 23 and 73 (Rose Tree) were dispatched to 126 East 2nd Street for a gas leak inside. 23-9 arrived on location with an odor in the building. Quint 73 arrived on location and was placed in service to investigate the basement and second floor for the source of the odor. Squrt 23 arrived and placed in service to investigated the first floor. During the investigation both units began to get readings of Carbon Monoxide in numerous locations. PECO was called to the scene to assist. PECO arrived, and located a CO leak from a basement heater unit. PECO secured the unit. Natural ventilation reduced the CO level's to 0. The property was turned over the the owner and the companies placed themselves available. 

Squrt 23 and Medic 23-7 made the response. 



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